Senin, 17 November 2008

West End Watch Sowar Prima (Sold)

West End Watch Co. was originally formed by Arnold Charpié. The marque was purchased in 1886 by Constant Droz and Arnold Amstutz who developed the brand via their sales centres in Bombay and Calcutta, India. In 1917, Arnold Amstutz (who was by then the sole proprietor) established a company in Geneva, Switzerland, which took control of the brand. West End Watches were very popular with British troops in India and the Middle East during the First World War and one was apparently purchased by Lawrence of Arabia! The Sowar (which means "warlike" in Hindustani) model spearheaded the range since its introduction in 1934 and many, such as this example from circa 1939, bear the broad arrow mark and "C.S.(I)" indicating that they were issued to members of the Civil Service (India).

Dial hitam, arabic number (glow in the dark), jarum cobra dengan aksen detik merah, dilengkapi hari tanggal Arab dan Inggris, pada caseback terdapat tanda panah, semua menandakan kekhasan jam militer.

Semua bagian original termasuk rantai, crown dan buckle, movement automatic masih sangat akurat. Ditawarkan dengan harga Rp.Sold(please call 0816 943 505)

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